Flash: ON   July 6, 2015 
Cash Cube Sponsors
Your Wireless World in the Hutchinson Mall
Stone Creek Nursery in Hesston
DH Home Improvement in Hutchinson

Trailer provided by FTS Trailer Sales in South Hutchinson

Commmunity Finance at A & Washington (inside CB&T)
Fastlane Express Car Wash at 924 E. 30th
Lang Diesel in South Hutchinson
Glenn's Bulk Food & Gospel Book Store in Pleasantview
Sleep Shoppe & Furniture Gallery at 11 N. Main
Carolyn's Essenhaus in Arlington
Pool Plus at 21 E. 1st
Luxury & Imports at 1418 E. 30th
Agri Center in South Hutchinson
Farmer's Insurance agent Bruce Isaakson at 2614 N. Main
Pretty Prairie Rodeo at the City Office in Pretty Prairie
Dutch Kitchen in Pleasantview
Giant Laundry at 5th & Adams
Carpets Plus Colortile at 409 N. Main
Patiot Pawn at 819 N. Main in Newton & 1321 N. Hwy 81 Bypass in McPherson
Diesel Control Technicians at 301 N Bonebrake
The Medicine Shoppe at 14th & Main
Anima Bella at 18 S. Main
JP Weigand agent Josie Thompson at 1009 N. Main
Salt City Coin at 326 N. Main
Oz Chiropractic at 16th & Main
RCAT at B & Washinton
Pleasantview Home Improvement in Pleasantview
Long's at 110 N. Main
Salvation Army Thrift Store at B & Main
Tesori Gifts & Boutique at 129 S. Main
Mayfield & Son's Home Improvement at 13 S. Main
Ashcraft Pharmacy in Harts Shopping Center, South Hutchinson
Stupka Chiropractic & Wellness Center 114 W. Euclid, McPherson

Cash Cube Finalists
  1. Rhonda Anderson of Peabody @ Stone Creek Nursery
  2. Nicole Taliaferro of McPherson @ Stone Creek Nursery
  3. Ruth Goertzen of Newton @ Stone Creek Nursery
  4. Lyndel Walker of Hesston @ Stone Creek Nursery
  5. Frank Wess of Hutchinson @ Fastlane Express Car Wash
  6. Jerri Cook of Hutchinson @ Diesel
Control Technicians
  7. Belinda McClanahan of Hutchinson @ Longs
  8. Casey Bailey of Hutchinson @ Pools Plus
  9. Rudy Rodriguez of Hutchinson @ Eagle Media Center
10. Christine Neighbors of Hutchinson @ DieselControl Technicians
11. Josh Unruh of Hutchinson @ Mayfield & Sons Home Improvement
12. Patty Chase of Hutchinson @ Lang Diesel
13. Gary Kerwood of Hutchinson @ Community Finance
14. Rhonda Philbrick of Hutchinson @ Ashcraft Pharmacy
15. Carol Ledin of Hutchinson @ Farmer's Insurance-Bruce Isaacson
16. Robin Helm of Hutchinson @ Sleep Shoppe & Furniture Gallery
17. Lloyd Bowen of Haven @ Eagle Media Center
18. Dana Bunting of Hutchinson @ Community Finance
19. Raymen Hunter of Hutchinson @ Diesel Control Technicians
20. Curt Radi of Hutchinson @ Anima Bella
21. Amanda Buckner of Arlington @ Anima Bella
22. Mareen Hill of Hutchinson @ Pools Plus
23. Keith Emmerick of Hutchinson @ Eagle Media Center
24. Abby Stockebrand of Hutchinson @ Carpetsplus Colortile
25. Tina Fischer of Hutchinson @ Fastlane Express Car Wash
26. Gary Vincent of Hutchinson @ Tesori Gifts & Boutique
27. Kenny Harmony of Hutchinson @ Tesori Gifts & Boutique
28. Julie Simon of Hutchinson @ Sleep Shoppe & Furniture Gallery
29. Becky Pickett of Murdock @ Newberry Motors 
30. Gatha G. Lingle of South Hutchinson @ Dutch Kitchen
31. Virginia Brinkley of Hutchinson @ Oz Chiropractic
32. Brenda Creed of Hutchinson @ Mayfield & Sons
33. Bob Ratley, Jr. of Hutchinson @ Long's
34. Clinton Bailey of Hutchinson @ Giant Laundry
35. Dakota Harmony of Hutchinson @ Luxury & Imports
36. Marsha Kaegi of Burrton @ Fastlane Express Car Wash
37. Duane S. Perry of South Hutchinson @ Medicine Shoppe
38. Barbara Knobel of Hutchinson @ Medicine Shoppe
39. Brian E. Durant of Hutchinson @ Your Wireless World
40. Max Weber of Hutchinson @ Pleasantview Home Improvement
41. Shawn Galliart of Hutchinson @ RCAT
42. Judy Diggs of Hutchinson @ Ashcraft Pharmacy
43. Jerry Vaughn of Hutchinson @ The Medicine Shoppe
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