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Terry Drouhard

“The broadcast industry has changed considerably since 1975, my first year in the business.  From pagers to blackberrys and turntables to computers, advanced technology has made it easier, better and faster to ‘contact people’ and deliver a ‘state of the art product’. 

However, one important facet of the industry that hasn’t changed through the years is radio’s powerful ability to tell stories.  Not only news stories but stories about people like you…………businesses who want to tell consumers ‘who they are’ and ‘why they should buy’ there.  Its fundamental marketing……..and we’ve been doing that at KHUT since 1972 and KHMY since 2003! 

Our hundreds of customers, with the help of our trained Account Executives (AE), have worked together to discover the “right message” to broadcast on the air.  And just as important, they have also worked at “repeating” that message by being consistent advertisers!  The right message and repeating it consistently; keys to attract more customers and increase sales!  Look at it this way, we’re in the ‘word of mouth’ business………except on a larger ‘scope and scale’!  So using our ‘mouth’, 2-100,000 watt FM’s, we’ll tell your story to 50,000 to 60,000 people each week and speed up the process to get your message known in Central Kansas.    

Interested?  Call (620) 662-4486 or send me an email and I’ll have one of our AE’s contact you. 

I’ve seen a lot of changes in broadcast technology since 1975!  I’ve also seen businesses that tell their story correctly and consistently be successful!  That hasn’t changed! 

Let us help you tell yours!"
Terry Drouhard-Sales Manager
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