Salvation Army switches gear for the Christmas Holiday.


Salvation Army switches gear for the Christmas Holiday/Gough 11/26/2010

Major Dan Burris says they were limited on funds this year, but helped as many as they could through their program at the Salvation Army.

He says they were able to help about 250 out of the between 550 and 600 who applied. He suggested to those who were not selected to go to Emmanuel Lutheran Church for dinner there. But says Burris, the ones they did help were very happy.

But, now its time to focus on Christmas and you may have already seen the kettles out in front of stores along with the bell ringers. Major Burris says the economy may even effect that effort saying they were down slightly last year.

Burris says the need is great and says food is the one thing they always seem to need the most. He says he worries sometimes that they won't make it, but admits the city always come through for them.

Of course the need for assistance by the Salvation Army is year round. So, Major Burris ask that you give as much as you can when you hear the bell ringers and see the kettles in front of stores in the area..