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Officials encourage parents to refrain from purchasing Lottery tickets as gifts for minors.


Officials encourage parents to refrain from purchasing Lottery tickets as gifts for minors/nr 11/29/2010

TOPEKA – The holiday season is on the minds of many, with the hustle and bustle in stores and shopping centers quickly mounting. Increasingly popular gifts and stocking stuffers include lottery tickets and scratch cards. As an affordable, colorful, and potentially promising gift, they often find their way into the hands of underage youth. The Kansas Lottery is helping promote a responsible gambling message this holiday season and is urging parents not to purchase lottery products for underage minors.

Results from a recent study showed that 19% of high school students reportedly received one or more lottery tickets or scratch cards as gifts, of which 86% came from a family member. This, coupled with the growing concern about adolescent problem gambling, prompted the National Council on Problem Gambling, the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, and the Kansas Lottery to collaborate this holiday season to increase public awareness about the impact of giving lottery products as gifts to minors.

This year, send children a responsible message. The sale of Kansas Lottery products is reserved to those 18-years-of-age and older, similar to age restrictions placed on the sale of alcohol and tobacco. This holiday season, if you choose to offer a lottery product as a present, make sure you keep the person’s age in mind.

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