Treasurer-Elect Ron Estes announces Transition Team.


Treasurer-Elect Ron Estes announces Transition Team/nr 11/30/2010

TOPEKA - Treasurer-Elect Ron Estes and outgoing Treasurer Dennis McKinney recently met face to face to discuss the transition between the two administrations.

"I respect Dennis and his service to our state. We developed a good relationship on the campaign trail, and I anticipate that will continue through the transition," said Estes.

The Estes team includes Transition Team Director Derek Kreifels, Assistant State Treasurer under Dennis McKinney, Aaron Otto, and long-time public administrator and former Assistant State Treasurer Jeff Wagaman.

"Treasurer McKinney and his staff have been extremely helpful and accommodating during this transition. Treasurer-elect Estes is honored to have the privilege to serve Kansans and we are working to ensure the transition is seamless as possible," said Transition Director Kreifels.

Kreifels received his Bachelor of Arts from Wichita State University and Master of Science from Friends University. He served as Treasurer-Elect Estes' campaign manager.

Otto received his Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University and Master of Public Administration from the George Washington University. Otto has served in state government for nearly a decade including as Treasurer McKinney's office as Assistant State Treasurer.

Jeff Wagaman has a public service career that spans nearly 25 years. He served as Assistant State Treasurer of Kansas from 2003 to 2009 for Treasurer's Lynn Jenkins and Dennis McKinney. From 1995 to 2003 he served in the administration of former Governor Bill Graves as Deputy Secretary for the Department of Administration, Acting Secretary of Department of Administration, and Executive Director of the Kansas Corporation Commission. Currently, Wagaman is the Chief Professional Officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka.

Kreifels said Treasurer-elect Estes expects to have more information regarding Treasurer's staff announcements in the coming days.