Population numbers for Reno County released.


Population numbers for Reno County released/nr/Zook 11/30/2010

Reno County's population in 2009 was an estimated 63-thousand 357 according to the Kansas department of Health and Environments vital statistics report released on Tuesday.

The figures are part of an overall report on child birth rates, mortality in the state and other factors related to overall health of the state.

Of the more than 63-thousand residents, more than 55-thousand were white. Hispanics made up over 4300 residents with the total number of African Americans numbering 1700.

426 residents were Asian, and 378 were Native American. 937 were classified as multi race.

The county's population increased only slightly in the last 5 years according to the report and actually fell by 70 residents from 2008.

Again there were 847 births in 2009 compared with 851 in 2008. There were 692 deaths in 2009. Thats unchanged from 2008.

There were 421 marriages in 2009......56 less than 2008. and there were 329 divorces in the county in 2009. 2 more than in 2008.