Birth rate numbers released for Reno County for 2009.


Birth rate numbers released for Reno County for 2009/nr/Zook 11/30/2010

The five year birth rate in Reno County Jumped 13.5 % from 2004 through 2009. And the number of teens having babies made up more than 100 of 847 babies born in 2009 alone. That according to figures released by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Tuesday.

The figures show that last year 847 births occurred in Reno County. 106 of those were to mothers age 19 and under. There were 121 total teen pregnancies reported in the county in 2009.

269-births were to mothers age 20 to 24 and 260 of them were born to mothers age 25-29. 148 babies were born to mothers over age 30, 59 over the age of 35, and 4 over the age of 40.

373 of the babies were born out of wed lock. And nearly 20% of the mothers says they smoked during some period of the pregnancy. That figure is higher than the state average.